Why is Rumi the best poet in the US? And why am I a big fan of his?

I stumbled upon an article few weeks ago, only to finally read it today. And one part of the article; I never want to forget, so I decided to write about it, save it and share it.

From the BBC Culture Article: Why is Rumi the best poet in the US ?

“His combination of mystical richness and bold adaptation of poetic forms is the key to his popularity today.” Rumi uses 4 main innovations in his direct address to readers, that defined my understandings and connection to his ancient writings…

  1. He uses the second person in his writing – Which to many of us, we feel personalized, as if he is talking to me, with me, directing me, so it is much easier to relate or imagine and therefore feel belonging.
  2. His urge to teach – He writes in the form of giving, sending, with ultimate love and compassion, take this knowledge from me, take it for free, I just want to teach you, help you, and take care of you.
  3. He uses everyday imagery – Which until today, after around 800 years we can still relate to. Whether he is referring to the ocean, skies, love, escape, nature, earth… we can relate to his images.
  4. His celebration and optimists attainment to union – Who isn’t attracted to optimists? Who isn’t searching for union? He writes with assertiveness, which therefore comforts us “the readers” to one day, reach our own findings.

And what I enjoyed the most about all this, is relating myself to it. I have the tendency to write in the form of a second person. I believe in giving, learning and teaching, I use my inspiration from my everyday life and as an optimist myself, I am in search of Unity. And through my Rumi Readings, I find my answers and motivation.

So here is to Rumi… You have taught me so much about my own spiritual beliefs, the richness of my very own culture, you have inspired me, inspired many others before me, and you will keep inspiring many more like me. I truly hope I can help spread some of your wisdom through my writings.

Beach Love


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