12 things to do and see in Barcelona…

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As a Middle-Eastern, Barcelona reminded me so much of Beirut. The small streets, the big old buildings, balconies that are too close to one another, faded paint, old posters, relaxed and happy people, let loose and live. Barcelona is a city full of life, laughter and free spirits.

Transportation is very easy, you can walk, take a bicycle, or use public transportation. I went by foot and used the hop on hop off bus for one day, and then i rented a bicycle and used it throughout my visit. It is very easy to go around, and all the areas are connected. Streets are bicycle friendly and the people are great and helpful.

Areas to visit: The Beaches, Parc Muntjuic, La Rambla, Catalunya Square, Saint Antoni, El Raval, Gothic Quarter, El Born, Gracia, La Segrada Familia, Parc Guell, and Tibidabo. For shopping you can try the Diagonal street.Bikes in Barcelona

1- Beaches – La Vila Olimpica

The Beaches are divided into small beach squares along the coastline, so you can bicycle starting with Barceloneta down to La Nova Mar Bella.

**For Food & Drinks: Visit Surf House located around Barceloneta and have a Paella in one of the restaurants.Barceloneta

On your way up La Rambla, you will find one of Barcelona’s main attractions “Columbus Monument” constructed in 1888 in honor to Columbus first visit to America. Columbus Monument2- Parc Montjuïc

You can go up the mountain from Port de Olimpica. It is a long walk, but a fun one. You can find buses to take you up as well. Parc Montjuic is magical. It is a get away from the city. A great escape to nature and a great way to reconnect. Spend a day exploring. The sunsets on the other side of the mountain, but you should defiantly try the teleferic and do not miss the Magic Fountain light show at night. Montjuic fountain

3- Saint Antoni – Within the boarders of Eixample

I love this neighborhood. So much art is in it and so many findings. It is fun to walk anytime during the day, and you will find so many beautiful shops that will call upon you. It is mostly alive on Sundays, and the vibe is very cool. The food is delicious and you will love brunching during the day and tapas during evening time.

**For Food & Drinks: Visit Federal Cafe, Cafe Cometa, La Dunateria, & Taranna Cafe.Saint Antoni Market

4- El Raval 

El Raval is a beautiful full of life area that includes many scattered shops next to one another. You can reach El Ravel by walking from Saint Antoni and you can easily reach the center of Catalunya square and La Rambla that also takes you down to the beach side. El Raval is an area to spend a day in and find exquisite shops in. It is vibrant day and night.

**Recommended: Chok Chocolate House, Caravelle “the food is great and try their amazing muffin”, Satans Coffee Corner.Making chocolate

5- Catalunya Square & La Rambla 

Tourists love this area. It is the center of downtown of Barcelona. It is where all the touristic transportations start and end from. The street of La Rambla is filled with people day and night. Filled with restaurants and shops targeting as many tourists as possible. You can find your hop on hop off bus from there, and any other form of transportation to and from anywhere. You can also find one of the biggest museums MACBA “Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art”.

**Recommended: Shop at Natura and Once upon a Time both are my very favorite. Check out one of the biggest open markets La Boqueria, and visit MACBA for art admirers.La Rambla and Catalunya Down Town Barcelona

6- El Barri Gottic 

The longest stretch from La Rambla, easy to walk to and walk through.It really is the Gothic Quarter, the buildings, the details and everything about this neighborhood take you back to Old Barcelona. This area is so Medieval it feels like theater, tourists love it and it is always packed with people. Scattered with shops, easy to bicycle through and is very loud and busy during the night.old building night time gothic quarter

7- El Born 

By the end of Gothic Quarter, you will reach El Born, A posh area filled with high fashion brands and local designers. Artistic and edgy, filled with galleries and museums, cocktails and tapas. Enjoy a shopping day and a fancy night out.El Born Shop

8- Gracia 

Maybe my favorite or second favorite area in Barcelona. This area is the place to hang out during the day and find treasures in local shops. It is bohemian, with lots of shops and restaurants, music and culture. I recommend you start and end with Gracia during your visit.

**Recommended shops: Aska Dinya “for the best Palestinian food and atmosphere”, Bicioci “to work, read or write”, Nabucco Tiramisu “best coffee and dessert”, Kibuka “for great sushi”, and walk Carre de Verdi “a beautiful street for great finds”.Door and wall in Barcelona Gracia

9- La Sagrada Familia

Breathtaking is the least I can say, the closer you get to see it the more astonished you will feel. The architecture is unbeatable, it has been under construction since 1852 that is more than 100 years of construction and still going. Expecting it to be ready by 2028. Designed by the legendary Antoni Gaudi, this is one of the best architecture I have ever seen. Close up photo of the details of the church La Segrada Familia in Barcelona

10-  Parc Guell

A reality escape. It is a little up a steep hill called “Carmel Hill”, a work out if you are going by foot but a fun one if the weather is nice. Parc guell is located right above Gracia and is in an area that is lavished with old houses built even before the 1900. Worth looking them up if you are into architecture and old houses. The Parc was built between the 1900 and 1914. It was made a public park in 1926 and was constructed by the famous Antoni Gaudi inspired by organic shapes found in nature. Gaudi’s house is also located at Parc Guell and is part of the tour when you visit. Gaudi parc guell barcelona

11- Tibidabo  

Barcelona Amusement Park, located at one of the top hills of Barcelona, overlooking the best sunset view & Barcelona City. This is not just the perfect place to enjoy the day with your family, friends or self but it is also a park not to be missed. Built in 1905 over 100 years old and is still working. You can take a bus from the Catalunya square that takes you directly to the park.Amusement park in Barcelona

12- Architecture 

Last but not least, Barcelona is best for architectural discovery. From Antoni Gaudi one of the best architects in the world to ancient architects am not familiar with, Barcelona is full of wonders. The history, the creativity, the art, the passion, the details, the love is found in the constructions of their housing.

** Look out for any open houses: Sometimes they open old houses and buildings for visitors to check them out. And make sure you look for the Islamic Art inspired housing. Islamic Architecture used to be fashionable.Old houses and architecture in Barcelona by Gaudi and others

For the full article and more photos click on Barcelona

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