Motive of the day: When you can love, love compassionatly, and what is compassionatly….

When you know about those you care about the most, with time, you only look for ways to be creative to express your love for them differently. Nothing can stop you when you are certain of the love they have in return for you, and nothing can change the amount of efforts you wish to invest to express your love. Time is immeasurable then. It doesn’t matter how long you need to give to those you love. It doesn’t matter what you need to give up, it doesn’t matter how yoi need to express. There becomes no self, ego, or pride in between. Its just pure love. That is the kind of love we need to hold on to & learn from because it only teaches us about ourselves. The pure side of oneself, the Divine side of oneself. The beautiful side of life. Do not hold back then, do not use time to wait or postpone, do not over think & do not underestimate yourself. Just set your heart free. To all the beautiful mothers & fathers out there, yes mothers day is soon but it is worth celebrating love with everyone you love anyway because love is worth celebrating everyday. To those who are mothers, who act like mothers, who care, who love & who cherish with no expectations for anything in return… May this world only serve you with hope, light and love. ☀️💛 have a blessed tuesday. 

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