Motive of the day: You never know, maybe the changes are better for you… 

We start and end at starting lines. Every second is a new starting line. We can choose to start or end as we go. We can change directions, we can try different roads, we can always return or drive back, but we can not guarantee finding things to remain the same. And sometimes they can be even better than before. We can not expect. We can not overpower ourselves to what is unknown, this will always lead us to disappointment. We must give up all expectations and demands to life, we should ask with kindness, look with hope, accept with compassion. Whenever it is hard we later reach a point we feel blessed & grateful. So stop wasting ur time just standing there where u r… Move forward, or backward, try different things until things work out for you, don’t be too fixed with one thought. Be open to things that might be even much better. 

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