9 things to do when in Solothurn

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One of the most beautiful cities, I have ever visited.

Solothurn is a small city located along the Aare river and is known as the finest baroque town in Switzerland. Now all I wanted after visiting Solothurn, is to go back in time and history… Or, move to Solothurn and start my life all over again…

1. Wander around, and enjoy the art and details of the architecture.

2. Explore the Baroque and the Medieval and count windows.

3. Visit the St. Ursus Cathedral, which was first built-in the middle ages, renovated several times and looks like this today.

4. Search for the 11 fountains and learn about meaning behind the number 11. 

5. Explore the Clock Tower, built-in 1467 with an added astronomic clock-works in 1545. 

6. Visit Seit 1830 or what is also known as Kerzen Kolonialwaen Jeger shop for an unforgettable experience of shopping. 

Jeger kerzenjeger

7. Then have a quick bite at the most delicious Middle Eastern restaurant Pittaria that serves food from falafel, hummus, shwerma and more. Palestinian owner, cozy atmosphere and surely worth the visit.

8. Then it is time for dessert, and when in Switzerland, what is better than good chocolates for dessert. Visit Confiserie Hofer and Oetterli Kafee.

9. If you have the time, then I think this city was made for bicycles. It is spacious, no traffic, safe, and just utterly beautiful. 

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