How our culture can be your best work of Art. Jaipur, Holland, Thailand, & Palestine.

Have you come across the brand Mochi yet?

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I first came across Mochi designs maybe around 2 years ago when the designer Ayah Tabari launched or took Mochi viral. I remember being drawn to the details and embroidery of her designs. As I started to research the elements of uniqueness and beauty behind her collection; I noticed it is the designs simplicity of her silhouettes, and the focus on the beauty of the embroidery itself, that i admired..

Dream team take Paris ⭐️💫✨ @poccaa 🙌🇫🇷💙❤️✌️ #mochi cape top #mochi jacket #paris#love#Tranoi#tradeshow#work#fashion#allthingsmochiEach line at Mochi is inspired from a different culture. The first three lines were inspired by Jaipur, Hungary and Thailand. As for her fourth collection, I decided to share on my blog since it is my favorite line of all: The Palestine Collection.

There is something exquisitely beautiful about creating work of Art from our very own culture. And this collection available at Mochi today, is what I call: a true work of Art.

The freedom to use what was once created by our ancestors, and to make it fit our everyday lifestyle is just phenomenal. The beauty of embroidery is magnificent. They are symbols, and colors that represent stories like I have explained further in my Golden threads of Bethlehem post. What is also very beautiful in the Mochi designs, is that they are all finely cut, simply made, with consistency to one clear message: Whoever you are, where-ever you are, we can all Enjoy the beauty of embroidery.

When you wake up and see this beauty @gigihadid 💚💚 wearing a #Mochi Cape jacket featured on @teenvogue 🙌💆👯🙅🙆💁 #PalestineCollection#love#ootd#happy#overthemoon#celebrity-crush#green#embroideryAnd what is better than a collection inspired by our culture? By our Palestine? What better than ancient art that have inspired many and is still inspiring many more to come? What is better than using our talent to send our messages of love through art across the world?

I look forward to explore and find more beautiful work of Art from our culture and your culture, that speaks a common language of existing beauty, made, to share with the whole wide world. Shop at Mochi.

It's all in the details 💌💋 #PalestineCollection now available online ✌️ #ShopNow #AllThingsMochi #TheArtOfEmbroidery


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