Art Space, A Good Cup of Coffee & A Beautiful View Overlooking the City…

Art Gallery Cup of Turkish CoffeeI found my new favorite place in Amman. It wasn’t my first time to visit The Khalid Shoman Foundation “Darrat Al Funun“, but it was my first time to enjoy a great cup of coffee, zaatar sandwich and tranquility there. I didn’t know they had a cafe running, this place is incredible. Art exhibition and cafe in Amman JordanSeriously what more one can ask for?

A great location; in one of the oldest and most authentic areas in Amman. Al Webdeh, which I have previously written about and shared some photographs of my explorations. But seriously this area is the gem in Amman, you can never go wrong by just going there, exploring and discovering shops and exhibitions like Darat al Funun.

Beautiful architecture, large building, multiple gardens and exhibition rooms. This art gallery is like a dream land for all artists. all in one space to anyone seeking inspiration, and a close-by getaway from mental and physical traffic. A statue of a man overlooking Amman Jordan

Emily Jacir is one of the artists exhibiting until April 23 2015. The artist has shown extensively throughout Europe, the Americas and Arab world since 1994. She is the recipient of several awards, including a Golden Lionn ath the 52nd Venice Biennale (2007); a Prince Clause Award (2007); the Hugo Boss Prize (2008); and the Herb Alpert Award (2011). “Information is from the Darat al Funun program”.

The following are from Emily Jacir installation of photographs taken by cell phone. 2010-2012, ex libris addresses the looting, destruction, and restitution of books. This work pay homage to the approximately thirty thousand books, belonging to Palestinian homes, libraries, and institutions, that were looted by Israel in 1948, six thousand of these books are kept and catalogued in the Jewish National Library Jerusalem under “A.P.” (Abandoned Property).

Then, I discovered the library. What a world of its own. I can camp there in between the books, and just indulge in art, culture, and historic books. I started imaging myself going again to work, read, and fill my imagination with the goods and getting lost with where to start from.

And the best part about it all, is the cup of coffee, overlooking beautiful Amman, breathing the freshest air, listening to the sound of the water fountain, and enjoying the moments of life. It takes you back in time, back to the 40’s and the 50’s.

Where is my next best favorite place in Amman? Any recommendations?

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