What is behind the beautiful designs of Cecilie Copenhagen and the Palestinian Keffiyeh? شماغ فلسطين في الدينمارك

Cecilie Copenhagen Shmakh Hatta كوفية حَطّة شماغAs I stumbled upon Cecilie Copenhagen on instagram, I immediately fell in lover with her designs. I also then started wondering, if there is a message behind her collection? But I didn’t find any messages. The only message I concluded that the designer behind this collection just fell in love with the fabric, that to most of the Arabs is very political.

And since am an Arab, I must admit my attached relationship to this fabric, that we refer to as “kufiya الكوفة, shemagh شماغ, or Hattah حَطّة”. This fabric means so much more than just a scarf, it is a statement. To me, it is a remembrance of my love and belonging to a home that I am not allowed to refer to freely, as my home. It also gives me a sense of unity, to every and to each person that carries or wears this scarf around themselves. This fabric is a connection, it is the dream for unity, human nation equality, for eternal world-wide peace and love.

(Photos belong to Cecilie Copenhagen.)

To Arabs, this is a fabric used as a scarf for protection against sunburn, cold wind, dust and sand. It comes in different colors, but mainly black & white or red & white. To Palestinians, the black & white scarf grew to become a symbol, a national fabric, a political message worn to most protests and events. It is a statement of Palestinians rights to return home, Palestinians right to full human rights, and the recognition of Palestine, the land that has been occupied and terrorized since 1948.

(Photos are from google and are not related to Cecilie Copenhagen Collection.)

This fabric has been recently used by many designers, Arabs and non Arabs, who tried to create a trend, a fashionable statement in combination with its political symbol. But I must admit, that the designs of Cecilie Jorgensen who is behind Cecilie Copenhagen that claims to have nothing to do with politics and yet has everything to do with fashion; are just beautiful.

(Photos belong to Cecilie Copenhagen.)

I personally can’t wait to see what is next and I can’t wait to order from her website Cecilie Copenhagen or from Browns Fashion. You can read more on Cecilie Copenhagen from the following blog posts: Rich Girls, Rosy Cheeks, Sage and Clare, and Cover.

Cecilie Copenhagen

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