A valley worth knowing about; this is Wadi Yabis and to some of you Wadi Rayan… Nature is Magical…

Wadi Rayan, Wadi Yabis.

وادي الريان – وادي يابس

Green, Olive Trees, Roman, Ancient, Flowers, Plants, Nature, Fresh Air, Trekking, Hike, Meditate, Oxygen, Farmers, Castles, River, Jordan Valley

Wadi stands for Valley, and Jordan is very famous for its beautiful valleys.

Wadi Yabis used to be known as Wadi Rayan for it used to be rich in water until the river got divided between farms and different areas and so Wadi Rayan became Wadi Yabis which stands for Rough surface valley.

Wadi Rayan or Wadi Yabis is between Ajloun and Jordan Valley. It over looks beautiful scenes and its nature is breath-taking.

I joined a high-spirited group of people organized by Treks who were phenomenal at being guides and creating a fun safe atmosphere.

We started our walk down Yabis starting from Oudeh watermill in Al Ayoun and following the wadi down past orchards and stunning ancient Roman olive trees that are around 1500 to 2000 years old.….Read More



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