In the name of Muath… We should not give in to ISIS.

I don’t like to believe the media, or how it puts the news and try to deliver it. I don’t like to show the world that we can easily be followers, I don’t like to mix facts with what is difficult to prove. I believe no one in this world has the right to torture or take away the life of someone else. I believe ISIS are calling out for our attention, want us to share the video that was video tapped and shared by them, want us to circulate the horrific images between each other in their name to attract more attention and popularity for them. They want us to stop what we are doing, what ever it is, and give them our full attention, awareness, time and energy. They want us to sit and talk about them, what they are doing with a frown in our face and an energy below zero.

But then what? How will ISIS win? By us doing absolutely nothing? By hiding? Or by waiting for what is going to happen next? We can’t just sit and watch, applause or react without even knowing the basics of their own existence. We all feel sorry and upset for the death of Muath, Charlie, Kenji, we feel sorry and upset for all the Palestinians dying every day since 1948, the Iraqis, the Syrians, the Nigerians, the Americans, the Europeans, for anyone and everyone that is being murdered or killed. Most of us, most of human beings who do not care about power and money to the extent of killing one another for it, do not agree with what is happening to the world today and everyday since the beginning of humanity. The same people who agree to be against the violence in the world of today all agree to want to live in peace with their neighbors and all around. So who are we fighting?

Are they even reading or listening to what we have to say? We must work on ourselves, by ourselves, together unite, and fight this corruption with our own education and moving forward in life and spreading awareness and focus on the solution that must include being positive, spreading love and learning about peace. Let us together create the peace we wish to see between us, this is how we should fight, we should fight by going on, by growing stronger, not in violence and weapons, but grow in more peace, and love, learning better and newer ways to spread the right words, the right positive ways of living and create a safer and a more educated environment for the upcoming generations.

Don’t give in, is the strategy. Be aware of their existence but don’t assume you understand who they are, and don’t give them the power of your own energy and time. May all our victims who are dead rest in peace, and all the victims who are alive to be aware and work together for peace.

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