How exploring your intelligence is a way to your best self. From the book “The Element”, worth sharing..


“The diversity of intelligence is one of the fundamental underpinning of the element. If you don’t embrace the fact that you think about the world in a wide variety of ways, you severely limit your chances in finding the person that you were meant to be.

…The second feature of intelligence is that it is tremendously dynamic. The human brain is intensely interactive. You use multiple parts of it in every task you perform. It is in fact in the dynamic use of the brain – finding new connections between things – that true breakthroughs occur.

…Einstein was a student of all forms of expression, believing that he could put anything that challenged the mind to use in a variety of ways. For instance, he interviewed poets to learn more about the role of intuition & imagination.

What Einstein seemed to understand is that intellectual growth & creativity come through embracing the dynamic nature of intelligence. Growth comes through analogy, through seeing how things connect rather than only seeing how they might be different.”

From the book: The Element “How finding your passion changed Everything” by Ken Robinson

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