For the love of food styling: Tabbouleh | تبولة

Tabbouleh | تبولة.

Here is how to make the vegetarian Levantine salad Tabbouleh and how to make it gluten-free:

Tabouleh is a classic. Every Middle Eastern make it regularly at home, and is often found in every Middle Eastern restaurant. It is an easy recipe but also needs the right ingredients for the best juicing. And what is a salad without the right juice?

Tabouleh is made of parsley, tomatoes and burgul, which stand for bulgur “cracked wheat”. Recently, some people prefer to make it light and replace burgul with quinoa, which is a way to keep your tabbouleh vegetarian and gluten-free.

I had no idea that there was a Tabbouleh day celebrated in Lebanon since 2001. This is actually incredible, sounds like so much fun. I am not sure how active this day is, but I sure think it should grow and become not only popular in Lebanon, but in the Levante area all along. It can connect all brilliant Tabbouleh makers and create a fantastic day feeding people Tabbouleh made from beautiful Arab chefs. For more information on the National Tabbouleh day click here.

Food Styling

When I decided to photograph my Tabbouleh, I wanted to make it feel super authentic, traditional, and ancient. This is when the images of wood, brown, and natural elements came to my mind. Wood is so rich… read more 

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