Most viewed post of the year 2014: Mansaf, Read more on what is Mansaf and How to make it.


I am very happy to announce that my most viewed post of the year 2014 was the Jordanian Traditional Dish Mansaf. Most visitors on my blog were from 1- Jordan 2- United Stated 3- United Arab Emirates 4- Germany 5- Italy 6- Canada 7- United Kingdom 8- France 9- Palestine and 10- Israel. Thanks to everyone who has visited my blog in 2014, and I will work really hard on making 2015 a great year dedicated to my lifestyle as a MiddleEastern bringing out everything beautiful about my culture, tradition, and surroundings.

Mansaf; was my first recipe choice for my Food Photography Project.

What is Mansaf? To those who are unfamiliar with it, you must be familiar with Jordan. The beautiful Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; an Arab kingdom on the East Bank of Jordan River, and Mansaf is the Jordanian Traditional Dish. You haven’t really visited Jordan until you try it’s mouthwatering unforgettable Mansaf.

I was introduced to Mansaf at a young age from having it being the main dish at all big occasions. Occasions that include; Eid (Holiday’s), big family gatherings, weddings, funerals and other, Mansaf was like a mandatory dish to celebrating happiness or sorrow.

…and what is Mansaf? “منسف is how we spell it in Arabic” with the Lamb being the hero or victim of the dish cooked in dried yogurt that we also call Jameed “جميد” served with rice and flatbread (Shrak/Markouk) then garnished with almonds, pine-nuts & of-course spices.

This is not it, Mansaf is a long story of meanings, findings, bindings, and a Bedouin tradition. Mansaf in Arabic also means “Large tray/dish” which it truly is; Mansaf comes in a very big round tray/dish and is placed in the center of a big round table with everyone standing around the table with their left hand behind their back, and using their right hand…Click Here to Read More and For the Full Recipe.

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