Morning Diary 23 – How to spend a day living the 1900’s only right here and right now? … I did it, and it really felt like a dream.

Thursday, November 20 2014

Barcelona, Spain

What a beautiful day, my vacation is almost over, and I am now trying to soak in the very last bits of my traveling encounters. When traveling, I love checking out the festivals and events happening in the city and if they interest me at all, I take part, and to my luck, today, was an open day to many museums in Barcelona, but since it was a beautiful sunny day, I had to divide my time into 3: museums, beach and the famous 1910 amusement park. Truly this Tibidabu Park is over 100 years old, isn’t that just insane? No actually it is the best thing ever, not only is it so much fun, it is truly something beautiful to witness, photograph and just enjoy. I love fairy tales, Disney world, toy land, lala land, the fairies and the angels, call me crazy, call me a dreamer, but I believe they all exist and when I get the chance to visit an amusement park and one that is over 100 years old, then I sure consider myself lucky.

And here is a little something for you to go back to even before the 1900’s for the love of Beethoven

All photographs are taken with a Canon 70D

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