Morning Diary 19 – For the love of Architecture visit Barcelona…

Barcelona, Spain

Today, I decided to take a break, hop on a bus and relax. Learn about the city am spending a week in and look at things from the top. The first thing that astonished me in this beautiful city of Barcelona is its architecture. Gaudi is everywhere, and when he isn’t there, you can see the people who are inspired by him. I’ve always heard about La Sagrada Familia, but I did not expect what I was coming to. Really this piece of art is nothing like the photographs, it is beyond words, beyond reality and beyond art; I was blown away. As for the rest of city, it has reminded me of Beirut’s beautiful streets and architecture in Lebanon. Buildings are very close to one another, and balconies are almost connecting neighbors, you can just easily step out from your own balcony into the one right across from you. The best part about the buildings in Barcelona is the random prints that surround some of them, that create authenticity, and history speaking between walls. While you take a look at my photographs, enjoy one of my favorite folk ambient songs by high highs, open seasons.

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