Winter can teach self love, connecting within oneself, and magical formulation of the skin…

Sun…Shine… ☁️ A great feeling when you have been under the rain for few days and you actually reach a certain adaptation to rain even if you are stuck outdoors in a camp you just feel like your skin forms a certain fur that starts to protect you and your body becomes synchronized with your vision to the cloudy feeling that just senses the smell of rain before it falls and you await the rain with welcoming thoughts to nourish the souls and the nature around you and the sound of the wind is what puts you to sleep wrapped around yourself in search of inner warmth and comfort and love. Winter; you teach self love, connecting with self energy and dreams. And when the sun shines your body wants to get out through your skin and reach the rays of the sun for oneness, the joy that every inch of your body feels is like a formulation of separate smiles replacing body joints, and the fur that was formulated on your body feels like it is melting down into your skin that creates gloss and glowing light as if it is coming from within. ⛅️☀Enjoy connecting to the magical nature and magical self, enjoy learning everyday one new thing and enjoy what your day brings forth. Have a wonderful Wednesday wherever you are.


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