Morning Diary 10 – Frankfurt – Old Encounter

Sunday, October 5 2014

Frankfurt – Germany

When you travel, you travel the world, even if you travel to one place. When you travel, you travel within if you are only aware of everything as if it is not your personal experience but an experience you are only attending. Traveling is your life living only multiplied by hundreds. After 12 years… I have finally made it to Germany, and I was lucky enough to meet my high-school best friend in Frankfurt. A great encounter, a great meet up and catching up after such long time as well as exploring beautiful Frankfurt. A city that is very diverse from modern, to formal, to informal and to lego like. Walk around, check out the center, Romerberg, Zeil street, Sachsenhausen old restaurants, Mainufer river, and the love lock bridge.

And here is a beautiful indie german song. Have a wonderful day, a wonderful holiday and a blessed Eid Mubarak Al Adha for all the ones who are celebrating.


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