Remember a thing called Love.

Looking at my Facebook news feed everyday, seeing the world as it is today, it only brings sadness into my heart. I wish each one of us feel responsible to spread love around our circles. Remind those around us that without love compassion and empathy we can no longer go on in this world without the feeling of tranquility & peace. Since it might be the toughest time on us “specially” in the Middle-East, it is the best time for us to care for one another, be there for each other and learn to be patient and stay positive.

My heart goes out to every child that have witnessed or is witnessing anything like what is happening in #Gaza ! I pray for them to be protected mentally, physically and spiritually. They are the true victims; loosing precious members of their family, friends, homes, toys and dreams before even understanding evil’s existence in today’s world. But with our positive energy, with our love, with being there together, we can help make it easier, make their dreams come back in different forms, and most importantly help to keep the good and the love spreading in the world of today.

Let us all remember a thing called LOVE and let us work together to spread more of it and make it grow in the hearts of the world.

Children of Gaza

Children of Gaza

Photograph do not belong to me nor are they photographed by myself. They are photos collected from the web. May the world see the innocence in the children of #Gaza

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