Campo De’Fiori

Campo De’Fiori.

Have you been to the “Field of Flowers” ? Campo De’Fiori is an area located in the heart of Rome and it is not to be missed. If you haven’t been and wish to browse, then check out my page where ever you are around the world and have a taste of this incredibly urban area.

a very urban entrance to a furniture boutique

I have enjoyed walking around with my comfortable shoes, camera, and a small notebook, looking at the architecture, finding exquisite shops with colored bicycles around corners and little flower pots next to doors, the sound of different music coming out of each shop, listening to the people and their beautiful Italian language engage in laughter and discussions, reading and writing my favorite street finds, and looking into local designer boutique shops that consist of different character and unique furnishing. Camp De’Fiori makes you feel at home, it makes you feel like you belong, every inch of every street is taken care of with visible love, from colored chairs, to plants on its windows, colored walls, clean streets, the vintage doors and frames that speak history, different street tiling and wall stones. There is a feeling of genuine peace in Campo De’Fiori… take a look 🙂

Campo De'Fiori

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