A Yummy Dish


Mulukhiya is a truly delicious green leaves used as a vegetable in the Middle-East, they look like mint but taste somewhat like spinach or somewhat nothing like spinach but you know what I mean. Once cooked, Mulukhiyah results looking slimy and greenly and mostly not too appealing. 


Click here for the full recipe

At SUZIE|S Kitchen which is also common between the Palestinians and Jordanians, Mulukhiah comes either in leaves and we call it rough Mulukhiah Khishineh “خشنه”or comes as a soup and we call it soft Mulukhiah Na’ameh “ناعمة”, it is also cooked with chicken or beef.

Give this recipe a try, you will love it 🙂 – We live once, try new food every day.

via Mulukhiyah.

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