Learning to let go

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Life is a miracle.
Until today, There are so many questions that remain unsolved.
Life is like that:
Things work without us knowing how they worked, and things stop without us knowing why they stopped.
Learning to let go is learning to enjoy watching your life fall into pieces and fall into place, over and over and over again.
When hardship is over visiting your life; fight it, when it’s winning, surrender. If you don’t surrender you will fall into agony.
If you can’t surrender, then let it take over and do what it is present for.
Accept its presence. Welcome it and get to know it, give it a chance to show you what it is present for, understand what results it is trying to make. Give that change a chance and learn about it, look at your life as a transformation period from level 9 to level 10. If you don’t; you will always live agonizing instead of accepting your life. We only value the changes in our life, once we lose them to a new change. 
Open your arms to whatever comes your way even if it isn’t what you truly wanted.
And when it is what you want and it is working out, you know deep down that the wind of change is present and is helping your life break into pieces and fall into place. That wind of change is the same one changing your life in hardship times.

Give it a chance; because the chance you’re giving, you’re only giving to yourself.

1 thought on “Learning to let go

  1. My best friend Razan ,One thing I believe ; makes a world of difference!! I’ve been following your works for long time, you so perfectly captured the narrowly-focused ideas espouse and indicates the realistic lifestyle One of the best ones I ever saw. “I just don’t care for photos with borders.” as much as I care for what is inside them Great Job, it really shows how different people look at art and what one person may think is beautiful another thinks is hideous I believe that you have succeeded. you’re competitive, determined and courageous.You’re dynamic and full of charm and charisma. As a leader, You thrive on making things happen. you’re a confident person you like action, challenge, spontaneity, championing causes and coming in first and you are hate failure and lack of challenge . you work hard to get what you have to get and be on top! ! wish you all the best 🙂


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