A night in Wadi Rum

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I published a page few days ago about my night in Wadi Rum. It is not my first time there but it sure is my first night. And this is just the beginning for me for I have found gems in the desert that night.

Wadi Rum is a desert in Jordan with several available camps that you can sleep in for a very low price. The camps are clean, neat and safe “as far as I have experienced & heard”.

You need to have a sleeping bag “if you wish to sleep under the starlight & not inside your tent” you also need to have a “Hygienic Kit” and some “tissue paper” for if it is needed.

As for what can be done at the desert… It is countless but I will count a few that I have done in the 2 days I spent there:
1. Camp 2. Hike 3. Mountain Climb 4. Slide on Sand 5. Drink Bedouin Tea 6. Eat Bedouin Food “delicious to a certain extent” 7. Star Gaze 8. Meditate 9. Visit Bedouin Tents 10. Ride Camel 11. Fly on a Hot air balloon “that I actually didn’t do yet” 12. Watch the Sunset in the Middle of Desert until the Desert is only lit by the Moon & Star Lights 13. Watch the Sunrise 14. Drive inside the Desert “You will need a 4by4” 15. Meet Bedouins & listen to their Desert Stories 16. Build a Fire at Night & Drink more Tea 17. Walk BareFoot while it’s Day Light.

Wadi Rum WadiRum Jordan VisitJordan Camels Sand Bedouin Tea Camp Hike Mountain Blog TravelBlog Sand Feet

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If you have been to Wadi Rum & think I should add something to my list and my next visit, then please let me know in the below comment tab :).

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