Reminder – Why I am starting this Blog

My Laundry Bag

This Blog is my own closet, my world, my life, my mind, my scattered belongings actually it is my laundry bag.
I collect, quotes, inspiring photos, trends, looks…
I take lots of pictures, I travel, and I love baking…
I love researching, adding to my knowledge; experiences, exploring…
I have a big list of books to read, songs to listen to, movies to watch, places to travel, food to try, perfumes to buy, stores to check out and my list goes on and on.
So instead of losing all the stored information under my bed, and in many of my drawers, on my black berry, my iPad, on the laptop, sent to my email, on a post it, or maybe written on a wall somewhere, I decided to collect them all and publish them here.
This way, there is one place for me to get back to and find what I once stored/saved/collected “just in case” and for anyone/everyone who thinks might be useful/inspiring/or interesting to read or find out about.

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